Cow Sushi, Taipei, Taiwan January 2016

Ok, this is literally a direct translation from its Chinese name, 牛壽司 “niú shòu sī”. The shop does not have an official English name so Cow Sushi it is! Smack in between Nanjing East Road and Nanjing West Road in Zhongsang District, if you are looking for a place for good Sushi then you can’t go wrong with Cow Sushi. Here you can select your meal budget, ranging from NTD$3,000 to NTD$10,000 the Chef will prepare your meal accordingly and the menu changes daily depending on the availability/season of ingredients. You can inform the Chef if you can’t take certain food such as raw meat, replacement will be prepared.

We went for NTD$5,000 option and were pretty stuffed at the end!

Sitting at the counter is the best choice as you get to see the preparation, nothing beats food serve direct to you from Chef’s hand to your plate. Expect to spend 1.5hrs there!

Address: No. 150, Section 1, Xinsheng N Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Address in Chinese: 台北市中山區新生北路1段150號
Availability: Mon – Sat, 17:30PM to 00:00AM

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