Shilin Night Market, Taipei, Taiwan January 2016

Be warned, do not view this post on an empty stomach. Food galore ahead! If this is your first time in Taiwan then no trip is complete without paying a visit to a night market. It is easily accessible by Taipei Metro on the Tamsui Line (Red Line). If you alight from Jiantan Station one of the entrances to Shilin Market is right in front about 50m away, it is a narrow path with shops peddling all sort of wares, from clothing to shoes to kids toys and food. They have moved most of the food stalls out of the pathway so it’s bigger now and can accommodate more pedestrians. Fret not as the food stalls are now moved to the sides of the streets.

Now, couple of years back there was a big food court across the street next to Shilin Market, it seems they have moved (?) and most of the food stalls are now found at the main entrance of Shilin Market, marked in Google Map at the bottom of this blog post. Shopping wise I think Ximending is much better, if you are into street food then this is the place for you.

Shilin Market (士林夜市; Shìlín Yèshì)
Address in Chinese: 台北市士林區基河路101號
Get there: Use the metro train and stop at Jiantan Station (Do NOT stop at Shilin Station)

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