Addiction Aquatic Development, Taipei

If you love seafood and have a bit of time on hand then I recommend paying Addiction Aquatic Development (ADD) a visit. I happened to chance upon this venue while Googling for a place for lunch, and boy, what a discovery! My visit lasted 2.5 hours but one can easily spend a whole day at this place.

Upon reaching the establishment I knew I was in for a treat. Greeting me was an open-air closed canopy charcoal grilling section sandwiched between two buildings, the right building seems like your typical seafood restaurant, known as Tresors De La Mer, while the left building house the main attraction of my visit, ADD.

Tresors De La Mer

I did not try their service but their reviews on Tripvisor seems spot on.  Here are some photos I snapped just outside the restaurant.

Charcoal Grill

We tried grilled Alaskan crab legs (NTD$750 per claw), abalones (ranges from NTD$250-$1,000 depending on size), and miso fish soup. You make your order from their display carts on the side and they will grill it before bringing the cooked product to your table, placing them on top of a heating charcoal pot lined with small black pebbles. Pretty gimmicky as the charcoal pot is only meant to keep your food warm. No complaints from me though, the abalones was grilled to perfection and the crab legs were pretty darn sweet.

Addiction Aquatic Development (ADD)

If you enter the building from the charcoal grill section, you will be ushered to walk all the way down to the end where the main entrance to ADD is located. Along the walkway you will find customers standing around tables enjoying their purchased goods. As you enter you will be greeted by several live tanks, housing different varieties of crabs such as Alaskan King crabs, Snow crabs, and Hairy crabs, as well as abalones, clams, and prawns. This section is meant for take-away order.

Next is the grocery section, this is where you buy prepackaged sushis and sashimis. They are all fresh as they fly off the shelves pretty fast. Also available are vegetables, fruits as well as dried and canned goods from Japan though in limited quantity and varieties. Located within the grocery section are sushi bar, seafood bar and deli. If you are not up for grocery shopping or standing around the bars then try their hotpot restaurant on the 2nd floor. Regrettably we did not get to try as the waiting list was more than an hour long, next time perhaps.

I doubt this is my last visit to ADD, I am already looking forward to giving Tresors De La Mer a try. So much food selection, I need an extra stomach please!

Addiction Aquatic Development
No. 18, Alley 2, Lane 410, Minzu E Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104
Phone: +886 2 2508 1268
Hours: 6AM–12AM

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