Pizza 4Ps, HCMC, Vietnam

I’ve been wanting to visit this pizza establishment for quite some time, like for the last 2-3 yrs now!  I live and work on the outskirt of Ho Chi Minh City and a trip down town usually takes 45mins or longer depending on traffic. It’s more like a chore to go down unless I REALLY have to. So there, that’s my excuse!

Pizza 4P’s, over the years they have gained plenty of fans, both locals and travelers alike. The reviewers rave about their pizzas and how it is on par if not better than most pizzerias found in USA but here’s the kicker, the owners are Japanese! Now you’ll wonder, Ok, Japanese opening an Italian restaurant so it’s like a fusion right? Nuh uh, the settings felt more like an elegant French restaurant to me, maybe it’s the atmosphere, like fine dining. Another reason for their popularity is they produce their own cheeses and own their own dairy farm, that’s commitment right there my friend! So popular are their cheeses they now distribute them to top hotels and restaurants around Vietnam, gaining lots of approval for their quality.

On their menu they have a wide selection of cheesy appetizers and an even larger selection of pizza varieties. I went for the half 4 cheese pizza and half classic margarita pizza. Stringy and simply delicious! I’ve also tried their cheese fondue with broccoli, tomato beef soup, ricotta wrapped parma ham, ratatouille and Camembert truffle, without doubt two thumbs up for all of them. Those wanting more carbohydrate can give their pastas a try, I heard they are on point as well, I’ll leave those for next visit!

If you’re planning to pay them a visit do remember to call ahead and make your reservation. If you are coming over in a taxi then keep in mind the restaurant is located in a small alley so you’re more likely to be dropped at the main road but no worries, it’s just a 3-4mins walking distance. Just walk straight into the alley and turn left at the end, you’ll see it!

Pizza 4P’s
8/15, Lê Thánh Tôn, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Phone: +84 120 789 4444
Hours: 10AM–11PM

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